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Change your background to solid colors with one gesture


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Color It is an Android app to change the wallpaper on your device to a solid color with one quick move. It can also change the background to images or themes on your device, making it a very complete app that should prove enormously useful.

The way Color It works couldn't be simpler. It has two different features, both of which can be accessed from the main screen. Add to that its polished and intuitive design and you get a smooth and functional app that can be used with no complications of any kind.

The first feature in Color It lets you change the background on your mobile phone to a solid color with a single gesture. You can see all the available colors and samples of them all by swiping downward. There are all kinds of hues and shades, so you're sure to find something perfect for you. When you find one that you like just tap it and your wallpaper changes color.

The second feature in Color It lets you set any image in your gallery as your wallpaper. This is a perfect alternative if you don't like the solid backgrounds and want to customize your device with something more personal or dynamic. The process is equally simple: explore your images and select the one you want to set as your background. The app takes care of the rest.